5 people tell us what it’s like to work in crypto

Joy, Graphic Designer

Ten months ago, I landed my first crypto role as a graphic designer. At first, it was a 3-month contract, and I used that time to learn the ropes. It was the perfect arrangement because I had wanted to learn about crypto, but the volatility of the entire market scared me. The job sped up the process of diving into the crypto space and adapting to the ecosystem.

Josh, Social Media and Community Associate

I’m not going to lie; my transition into crypto was partly motivated by money. A few months before I joined my current company, a friend at another crypto startup mentioned his salary during a conversation, and I was intrigued. It wasn’t about the amount but the currency he was paid in. Earning in dollars or a dollar-backed stablecoin is a good way to hedge against inflation.

Timmy, Software Engineer

I’ve worked in the tech industry as a web developer for a couple of years, so it made sense to transition here at some point. In a way, I had been preparing for it before it even happened.

Femi, Content Strategist

I started working in the crypto space last year. First, I worked for about three months at a Web3 startup before moving to my current role at another crypto startup. I’ve been there for three weeks.

Jennifer, Researcher

I’ve been in and out of the crypto industry since I graduated from university in 2017. My first job post-uni was as a professional trader, leading research efforts for trades at a crypto startup. It was great until the 2018 bear market. It was honestly difficult to navigate because my day job required me to trade, deliver profits for investors and meet multiple targets, which was almost impossible to do. Eventually, I quit the job and took a break from crypto for about a year.



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