5 traders talk about trading during a market crash

Olajumoke, 22

I started trading during the bear market.

Issac, 25

When I saw a friend make ₦20k (~$33) with ₦5k (~$8) during an hour trade in the spot market, I was sold on its possibilities. This was June 2021.

Balogun, 30

Trading was fun when I started in 2020. A lot of my activities were on peer-to-peer trading platforms, and I would buy a coin on Remitano and wait for it to grow in value before I sold it on another platform. On a good day, I could make up to ₦20k (~$33).

Ebubechukwu, age unknown

It was easy to trade in 2020 when I got started. A little YouTube playlist I found about how to navigate Binance and my little knowledge of price action trading, was the ammunition I needed to start.

Teniola, 17

Earlier this year, I learned that people were making more profits from trading crypto, so I thought to go further than just ‘hodling.’ A senior colleague who traded crypto gave me the push I needed to start. At the time, I wasn’t good at technical analysis — a method of using previous price data to predict the future of the market — and relied on him for help until I got better at it.



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