How to land a job in crypto

Think about this for a second.

15 years ago there was nothing like Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs and cryptocurrency. Yet, a decade later, the blockchain industry is worth over 1 trillion dollars — thanks to the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you read right: 1 trillion dollars!

Some people have benefited from this explosive growth and cashed out, while others have built lucrative careers by taking advantage of the vast opportunities in the crypto industry.

Are you contemplating a career change? Or interested in exploring new opportunities in crypto? You’re in the right place, as you’ll be learning the best way to land a job in the crypto industry.

First things first

Like every career, before diving into crypto, you must familiarize yourself with how it works. Therefore, the first step is understanding the different aspects of crypto. This is crucial because you need knowledge to identify the opportunities available.

Breach is an ideal platform for learning how crypto works and educating yourself on the basics required to succeed in the blockchain industry. Other resources include watching crypto explainer videos on YouTube and listening to popular podcasts like Crypto 101.

With this understanding, you can move to the next step on the journey of getting your dream crypto job.

Evaluate your current skill

This is an important step as the blockchain industry is heavily focused on STEMs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). So most jobs in the sector require highly intensive knowledge in these fields. However, there are still opportunities in marketing, business development, social media management and communications.

The best way to scale up is to seek more knowledge in your desired field. For example, to become a blockchain developer, it would be in your best interest to take up a course in one of the popular programming languages like Python or Javascript.

This could be via a programming school in your locality or through online education platforms like Udemy or Udacity. Most of these courses have certificates that show that you have acquired sufficient knowledge and can be added to your CV during job searches.

What jobs are available?

Understanding what you want to achieve in your crypto career is essential in choosing which sector fits your career goals. Pick a niche that allows you to explore multiple options while offering reasonable remuneration.

Also, study the job requirements to ensure that you have the best perks available. For example, some jobs may offer high salaries but require that you work from an office. This could mean relocating to a new city and incurring extra costs. In contrast, others may offer slightly lower pay but come with the work from home option.

Whichever the case may be, ensure to research according to your own specific needs.

Popular jobs to explore

  • Blockchain programming

This job requires individuals that can code and write different programming languages. The blockchain industry heavily relies on these people to create popular concepts like smart contracts, NFTs and tokens.

Blockchain programming is among the highest paying and most sought after jobs in the crypto industry. Landing this job requires understanding programming languages like C++, Solidity, GO, Javascript, Python, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to be proficient in one of these programming languages before applying for jobs in this niche.

  • Content creation

Journalists, creative writers, social media managers and most creatives fall under this category. If you can write about crypto and break down complex concepts, you’ll find multiple offers under this role.

For example, the newsletter you’re reading was written by a content creator. To excel as a content creator, you need good writing skills and a strong knowledge of crypto and blockchain technology.

  • Product management

Are you great with assembling a team and ensuring they can achieve a common goal? Then product management could be perfect for you. The fast growth in the crypto industry means that new projects are springing up every day and they require the skills of a project manager.

A project manager oversees the activities of individuals working on a project and ensures they meet their deadlines. Because this is a lucrative and highly competitive position, one way to get ahead of the competition is by taking a course in product management and interning in top blockchain companies.

You can read this fascinating story about Chinyere Eze, who went from being clueless to becoming a top product manager in the crypto industry.

  • Financial management

Since most crypto products and services deal with money, there is a huge demand for people with financial expertise. Therefore, if you have a background in finance, this position could be ideal for you.

Some of the popular roles in this niche include financial managers, auditors, and business development managers. You’ll need to have a solid grasp of marketing, economics, entrepreneurship and financial models to succeed in these roles.

How lucrative are crypto jobs?

The crypto industry is lucrative, but financial remuneration differs for each role and location. For example, software engineers and developers earn higher than graphic designers, community managers, and customer support agents in most cases. This is due to the high demand for their skillset and the general difficulty of the role.

Here’s a rundown of the average annual salary of the most popular roles in crypto:

  • Developers — $30,700 to $128,400.

Where can you find crypto jobs?

Networking ranks as one of the top ways to find crypto jobs. Not sure how to network? All you need to do is attend crypto events in your locality, join online crypto communities and interact with people familiar with blockchain technology.

If done correctly, you can quickly get job opportunities and be recommended for a few positions. The internet also provides a massive window to get crypto jobs. Popular search engines like Google can get the best offers delivered to your mobile or computer devices within minutes.

You can also take your quest to the next level by visiting crypto job listing websites. These platforms offer job opportunities within the blockchain industry and provide various options to help you narrow your options.

Some of the most popular crypto job listing sites include, and


Now that you’ve read how to land your dream job in crypto, it’s time to go out and explore the opportunities available. Remember that the sky is big enough for everyone, so don’t forget to share this newsletter with people around you who may benefit from this.

As the kids say, ‘’We’re all going to make it. #WAGMI.’’

Also, don’t forget to join the Breach community and enjoy the best experience with crypto curious friends.



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