Inside the mind of a guy who quit his job to focus on crypto

What was your “I need to get into this crypto thing” moment?

And you thought that could have been you too.

What do you mean?

I get that. How did you approach it?

What coins did you start with?

Break this down, please.

Interesting. How did you know you were doing the right thing though?

Haha. The crypto market in 2020 was largely favourable. In a parallel universe where none of this went your way, how do you imagine you’d have navigated that?

That’s fair. What was the next step for you?

I’m curious, where was your actual day job in all of this?


Sounds interesting. Tell me more.

That’s insane.


Wait, what?

But still…

About that, how did it affect you?

Oh yeah?

Feels like there’s a story here somewhere.

You don’t sound bothered about what a prolonged bear market might mean for you.

Love it for you. Speaking of a job, you’re returning to paid employment sometime, aren’t you?

I’m sure you’re looking forward to a lot of things, but which one is on top of the list?



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