Smart questions to ask before investing in any crypto project

Firstly, choose simplicity.

“Whatever you’ve decided to invest in, you have to ask yourself if you truly understand it”, she says. “Don’t get swooned by big words or complicated summaries”

Ask the right questions

The questions you ask will impact the quality of the answers you get through your research. Solafunmi’s suggested questions are in three categories:

  • The quantitative questions: such as, “how many coins are in circulation?”, “what is the holder distribution like?” (she points out that it is dangerous to invest in coins that the majority of holders are the creators), “what is the sales volume?”
  • Value-driven questions: These, she says, are majorly on their website. Here, look out for the quality (“are they using stock images or actual images of themselves and their team?”), their product roadmap (“do they have a clear goal? Is their roadmap realistic?”), and their core values (“are they trying to solve a problem and what is the use case?”) because the projects that last tend to be the ones that address a need, however niche.

Join a community

Seyifunmi is a big fan of learning together, and she says it has helped her in her investment journey. A quality group of people who don’t necessarily have the same money goals as you, but have an equal level of interest in research and quality investments as you. These groups will not necessarily help you determine what to invest in, but it is a space where you can learn together, and build a sort of framework for yourselves of what a quality investment looks like.



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