The bear market is preparing me for the next bull run

Where would you say is the best place to start?

What were you up to?

Why not?

That’s fair.

Want to talk in more detail about it?

Sorry about that.

Wait, didn’t it rub you off wrongly that people were asking for money to teach you this stuff?

Fair enough. What happened next?

What’s that?

Word. Where did you go from there?

Love it. Were you actively trading while this was happening?

Got it. How was trading going though?

That’s something.

Why was that?

That doesn’t sound good.

How so?

There must have been a reason, though. Wasn’t there?

Man. That’s brutal.

What was that?

I’m so sorry about that.

Oh, you are?

Your optimism is contagious. You are in your second market cycle now. Do you have an idea when the next bull market might be?



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