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2 min readNov 9, 2021

Crypto has become so diverse that people in various parts of the world are finding new, unique ways to implement its use in their daily lives. Yet, its reach is limited:

  1. As of February 2021, 61% of participants in a survey had heard about crypto but knew nothing about how it works.
  2. Just 16.9% of crypto investors understand the value and potential of cryptocurrency.

The data indicates that despite the revolutionary nature of crypto, only a few people understand how it works. This is mainly due to the false assumption that crypto is more complex than it is, defeating its entire purpose.

Crypto enthusiasts preach that it has the potential to resolve financial inequality, but this is hardly achievable when only a few know enough about how crypto works to harness its full potential.

Breach offers the solution: a crypto content platform dedicated to making crypto easy for everyone to understand.

Solving Crypto Inequality

With the existence of multiple crypto platforms across the world, the issue isn’t about access. Instead, the inequality gap that still exists is knowledge-based.

At Breach, we envision a world where everyone understands how crypto works in simple terms and as such, can fully participate in the crypto economy.

Through digestible lessons and insightful roundups, we’ll walk you through the exciting world of crypto at your own pace.

What you get with Breach:

Breach is your crypto playground — where we break down crypto to its bare basics. It’s a community for anyone to learn how crypto works in simple language.

  • Newsletters that keep you updated on what you need to know about the crypto world and how it could impact you.
  • Educational content that explains and contextualises crypto terms.

We’re working round the clock to build a platform that’ll excite you! It’ll be as simple as your favourite finance apps but more rewarding.

Start learning about crypto in simple language.

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