⚡INTRODUCING: The Breach Learning Community

The community that pays you as you learn about crypto.

What is the Breach Learning Community?

Our readers have said our newsletters do a fantastic job explaining crypto stuff. Take a look at this for instance👇🏾

How can you join the Community?

For starters, we are taking in just 100 members. A good part of these early members will be those who have made the most referrals for people to subscribe to Breach’s newsletter. If you have been slow on that, you still have some time:

  1. Signup if you haven’t
  2. Get your referral link from your welcome email
  3. Share and keep climbing to the top.

What is the Community Structure?

The Breach community won’t place anyone above the other. However, we’ll assign roles based on engagement levels, and each position comes with a reward. Here’s a summary of each role:

  1. Breach Knights: Community managers tasked with running the community and ensuring everyone gets the best experience.
  2. Course Makers: As a course maker, you’ll join the content team at Breach to build fun and bite-sized crypto courses for global audiences.
  3. Pop Leads: We are on a mission, and there’s a need for missionaries who can own sub-communities and organise events across the world.

How to Earn from the Community?

The Knights will release quizzes and other tasks at regular intervals. Completing them accurately and in time will unlock juicy rewards for you. Further, handling a role qualifies you for compensation. In summary, the more you learn and engage, the more you get to earn.



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